About Lilu

My art today is the convergence of my experiences of living around water from my earliest years through to my adult life and my passion for painting.  Already as a little girl I was fascinated with the mysteries of underwater existence.

The liquid crystal quality of water and the never-ending study of the strange and wonderful creatures that live within it have become a life-long passion. Creating illusions of underwater environments on canvas connect me with the life-force energy of this undiscovered world. It is my hope that as the viewer becomes lost in the sight, sound and feel of the work, they become gently charged with that same life-force energy, while still experiencing the peaceful relaxing sense of visiting a strange and wonderful underwater world.

My techniques of combining smooth brush work for water mirage and dynamic plate knife strokes for sea life extenuate the beauty and wildness of ocean existence.


 Painting has been an important part of my life from my very early days. I started with oil painting in 1980 at the tender age of 6.  

 I’m a scientist with a master’s degree in Particular Physics and an artist. Nature has always been my biggest fascination. I have experimented with different media and techniques and recently settled on using acrylics on canvas.

 I live and work in charming Switzerland but a big part of my heart belongs to the Italian Riviera where I can truly connect with surrounding sea and underwater world.


 My Works are held in private collections in Italy, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, UK  and USA.